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Are you looking for an affordable website design package to give you a professional-looking showcase for your business, or stylish personal homepages?


A modern business needs

a web presence
good-looking sites,
designed with your
target audience in mind:
an effective webpresence
for the modern world

Your questions answered ...
  • Why have a website at all? -

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  • Why choose a professionally-designed website?

  • Why a Farcourt package?

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    Why a Farcourt package?

    At Farcourt we believe in creating sites which are:
    • Quick-loading, so visitors don't get bored and surf on before important information loads.
    • Visually pleasing, to encourage people to linger at your site and take in more information.
    • Easy to navigate. Visitors will be encouraged to explore all the information you want them to see.
    We design websites with your target audience in mind.

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    Websites for Businesses


    All twenty-first century businesses should have a web presence. Whether you offer goods or services, a website tells the world you are in business.
    The World Wide Web is becoming a preferred research tool for millions of people looking for goods and services in the modern world. Don't take the risk of losing out on potential business, when your website could provide you with a permanent advert in this rapidly-growing sector.

    Can you afford to ignore the publicity potential of a website?


    A website can be set up to provide answers to questions you are constantly being asked about your goods or services. You will save a lot of time normally spent answering telephone queries and mailing leaflets and information to people: instead, they can be directed to your website, where they can view or print out a species of on-line brochure which has cost you nothing in printing or postage expenses.

    Your time is worth money: can you afford NOT to have a website?


    List the Experience and Qualifications of your operatives on-line so that Agents and potential Clients don't have to have up-dates faxed to them.
    If you are looking for more Contracts which will not fall under the I.R.35 rules (whereby you would be at a severe tax disadvantage), a website is an ideal way to offer your Services in the relevant sector.

    A website is the Professional way to advertise your services.

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    professionally designed

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    Cool Homepages for private individuals


    Whether you are looking for a new job or are self-employed, putting your CV on-line will save you time and money faxing it to potential employers or agents. Potential employers will be impressed by your professional approach when you are able to direct them to your website for the information they seek. Your webpages can include a section on your hobbies and interests to round out the general picture of employability.
    The Internet is rapidly becoming a valued tool in the search for staff .

    In a technological age, it makes sense not to neglect such an important method of promoting your skills


    Do you want to show your collection of nineteen-fifties teapots to the world? Have you taken some particularly good photographs during your recent holiday in Tibet which you think people would like to see? Perhaps you want to spread the word about your village's motorway protest, in which case a professional-looking approach to publicity is important; or maybe you've simply accumulated a comprehensive list of contact addresses and information about a particular subject. Publishing your information on the web can bring you contacts from others with fascinating information to share, or save you time answering queries.


    We can optimize your pictures, scan photographs for you and type up all that information you've been meaning to organize for the web. Images can be particularly difficult to effectively showcase on the web if slow-loading large file-sizes put people off.

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    about having your website
    professionally designed

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    Why choose a professionally-designed website?

    YOU ARE TOO BUSY to spend time researching website design.
    Your time is valuable: you need to concentrate on your business, and your personal life is too full to waste on learning website design and checking spelling and grammar.

    A site with a professional look will draw custom to your business and provide a valuable showcase for your company or hobbies.

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    about having your website
    professionally designed
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