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We have collected a series of weblinks and some tools and resources which we hope will prove useful to users of this website. They are all listed on this page.

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A free web-based e-mail account and on-line organiser package can be obtained via this site. Very useful if you travel a lot or often need to check your diary from a borrowed computer. To sign up for your FREE Farcourt e-mail/diary package, just
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Links List - search for a subject.

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If you don't have a website we can put your C.V. on line for you, so that prospective employers can simply print it out rather than you keep posting reams of paperwork, for a minimal fee of 10 (plus V.A.T.). We can design you a single webpage, including C.V., domain name and webspace or uploading to your own webspace, for as little as 50 - this is the professional way to offer your services in the twenty-first century.
TotalJobs.com - click here for the hottest jobs around.
The Careers in Construction website (http://www.careersinconstruction.com/) lists jobs available in all the construction-related disciplines.

for graduate recruitment, also check out: UK Construct.com has lists of specialist job agencies.

Jimfinder has many job postings.

Jobsearch site for Rossendale

Voluntary Services Overseas.

Multimap is a good place to look for a road map to get you to that important interview ...

See also Publications and Industry Organisations below - most contain useful "situations vacant" sections.

TIP: Try typing the title of the sort of job you are looking for into our "GOOGLE" search box - eg. Mechanical Engineer UK. This will turn up job advertisement pages put up by organisations which are advertising vacancies on the internet.

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The New Civil Engineer website has a good jobs section.

Online version of the UK weekly newspaper for engineers in the manufacturing industry.

Construction Plus - includes construction news, recruitment and procurement information

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Building Research Establishment

The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol has a good Research section.

Building Services Research and Information Association

The Construction CPD Certification Service

UkConstruct.com - "sharing structured information about the construction process in the United Kingdom". Also has joblinks.

The Construction Education Connection

British Geological Survey

Geological Society

The Timber Research and Development Association

Construction Industry Research and Information

Construction Plus Information Service


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The Institution of Structural Engineers.

The Institution of Civil Engineers has a good website with a jobs section.

The Institution of Engineering Designers.

Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

Building Research Establishment

The Concrete Society.

Institute of Concrete Technology

Steel Construction News.


The Construction Industry Council.

Engineering Council

Construction Industry Training Board

Engineering Construction Industry Training Board

Institution of Engineering Designers

The Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Electrical Contractors' Association

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Royal Institute of British Architects

Institution of Mining and Metallurgy

Centre for Cold-Formed Steel Design

British Cement Association

British Geotechnical Association

Welding Institute

Consultant Engineers 500 - 2000 database of engineering consultancies in the UK and Europe

British Computer Society

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TaxGuard. Slow to load, but useful.

Companies House.

Lawspeed - UK legal consultancy with a good section on IR.35 and the Law as it affects Contractors.

The PCG Group's website is the place to start for up-to-date information on IR.35 and its implication for the economy.


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Concrete Repair Association

Galvanizers' Association

Federation of Piling Specialists

Insulated Roof and Wall Cladding systems

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World Wide Web Virtual Library links listing for Environmental matters and law.

Econnect specialises in grid connection for renewable energy projects, and load control products for mini-grids and island systems.

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

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In association with Amazon.co.uk The Amazon bookstore has a good technical books section, and will source second-hand, out-of print, or difficult-to-find books for you. You can also set up a "Wish List" of books you would dearly like to own, so that friends and relatives need never again be stuck for what to buy you for Christmas!

OXFAM now have extensive second-hand and new book resources, and you will be helping a worthwhile charity by buying through them.

Try also:
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EUROCODES Steel building design,
worked examples
Steel building design,
concise Eurocodes
Steel building design,
design data
Structural engineer's pocketbook


Our SOFTWARE page has some useful stuff.

Or try AMAZON: In Association with Amazon.co.uk

CSC provides "structural software solutions for a targeted market of consulting, civil and structural engineers, structural steelwork fabricators, detailing companies, government and educational establishments throughout the world".

Computer and Design Services Ltd. - design, analysis and detailing software.

Microsoft - on their website you will find numerous patches, downloads and other useful stuff.

Tekla (U.K.) Ltd, modelling software

Robot Millennium, Structural analysis etc.

Masterseries for Windows: Civil & Structural Computer Services Limited, Tel. 01232 365950, e-mail MasterSeries@dnet.co.uk

Prokon Structural Analysis and Design software: download a free demo.

Research Engineers, analysis and designer software development

Advanced Structural Analysis for Windows

ClearDesk - job costing and time management solutions for small to medium sized consulting engineers.

Try also:
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Department for Transport

The Government's Central Office of Information

Department of Trade and Industry

Her Majesty's Stationery Office

Ordnance Survey

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Special deals are available on some software through Microsoft's Student Licence Programme.

A good student Portal site is Student U.K., a sister site to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Try Virgin Student if you're looking for websites aimed specifically at students.

The National Union of Students website is one you are probably already familiar with, or try the UKSU Index to find links to your local student union.

You can find student-oriented Radio stations at Internet Student Radio.

UniServity has set up a sponsorship network to help with student fees, whereby people can shop online through UniServity and generate rebates for students. Have a look at their website for details.

For temporary or summer jobs, try Hotrecruit. It has a CRAZY JOBS section which should provide something a bit more exciting than the usual run of holiday jobs.

Gap year projects and holiday jobs, including teaching English as a foreign language

See also Miscellaneous below for Swapshop and Travel websites.

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The Webswappers site features on-line swap shops centred on universities and colleges, so may be a good source of second-hand technical books etc.

Upgrading your computer set-up? If you're going to have to dump the outdated equipment, think again - Computers for Charity will take second-hand computer equipment, printers etc. and pass them on to deserving charities or organisations. Think before you ditch it - refurbished, your old equipment could do some real good.

Buy your Christmas presents on-line and benefit a charity at the same time: try Oxfam, or CharityGifts.com for a choice of charities.

Recycle your old inkjet cartridges to benefit a charity of your choice at InkAgain.

Shop at major high-street stores on line and they will make a donation to your favourite charity: go here.

The Telegraph newspaper online.

ft.com - the Financial Times online.

The Dismal Scientist website, for a cynical look at world affairs.

Multimap is a good place to look for a road map to get you to that important interview ...

Internet Directory Enquiries

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See our Software page for custom acceleration software.
Surf for Charity! Using a pay-as-you-go Internet service? If you are fed up of lining the pockets of an anonymous ISP, try doing a deserving cause a bit of good at no extra cost to yourself. Change to FISH - a free ISP run by Christian Aid. The profits from the ISP are used to further their charity work.
Or Try Oxfam - they even offer broadband.

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Excellent weather resource at the BBC. This link goes straight to the forecast page for the North West of England - Farcourt's area.

Link to yahoo's Weather Forecast for Farcourt's area.

Another good weather link - The Met. Office.

If you want the weather brought to your desktop, or even read aloud to you by your computer, take a look at our Software page, where you will find software which will do this, and a lot more.

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Government Departments
Industry bodies
Products and Suppliers
Research and Development
Tools and Practical Resources

Tools and practical resources


On our Calculating page you will find simple calculators, as well as ones that perform the following functions:
  • Finding the Area of a circle, triangle, or sphere;
  • Finding corresponding measurements for various shapes, extrapolated from known dimensions.

A calculator to find someone's age, from date of birth entered, can be found here.

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Silly Stuff

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